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Mount Merritt is the make. wear. love. fall 2017 retreat design for color goddess Spirit Trail Fiberworks. Jen's yarns blend colors beautifully, with rich, saturated shades and (sometimes, lately) a speckle here or there. I wanted to design something warm, snuggle-worthy, and enveloping - something you'll reach for when the days get cold, or things are overwhelming: So I started with a super-long length, super-cozy worsted yarn (Jen's Luna base), and comfy patch pockets.

I also wanted to provide a canvas for using up a special hank of yarn, so I added a simple slip stitch color pattern at the hem and bottom of the sleeves, echoed on the pockets. I've used a speckled yarn, but please feel free to vary your choices - this is a great place for a super-variegated hank to create a stained-glass effect, or a blazing neon that needs to be used sparingly.

One note about the slip-stitch pattern: While your stitch gauge will stay constant, your row gauge will be compressed - so I advise you not to count rows for the slip-stitch portion of the garment, instead relying on measurements.

Finally, this cardigan is available in the full range of CustomFit's options: Drop shoulder or set-in sleeve construction, and any fit/silhouette/length combination you like.

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