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How CustomFit works

CustomFit makes custom sweater patterns based on your choice of gauge and body measurements. You can make patterns for our collections of great, basic sweaters; one of our many designs, or create your own with our Build Your Own sweater wizard

What kind of sweater patterns does CustomFit make? 

CustomFit makes seamed, set-in sleeve sweater patterns for men, women, and kids. You choose the gauge, which means that any of the patterns can be made in any yarn that you like. 

There are four sweater shapes: 

Designs are marked with their shape via a small icon. 

Customizing your Fit

CustomFit will make all decisions about ease if you'd like. Choose "close," "average," "relaxed," or "oversized," and we'll do the rest! If you prefer, you can also customize the measurements of your sweater before creating your pattern by clicking the "customize fit specifics" button. You can click here to see a visual comparison of the different fits CustomFit offers. 

You can create measurement sets by tweaking CYCA standards, or you can measure from scratch with the help of our handy videos or by visiting one of our fantastic LYS partners. You can enter measurements directly into the site as you take them, or download a blank measurement sheet by clicking here

Accounts and Cost

Create an account for free! You can store up to 10 sets of body measurements, and as many gauges as you like. Each pattern then costs between $10 - $12.50, depending on the complexity of the design. 

We also offer two subscription levels for knitters who like to change their mind (or make a lot of sweaters :).  Maker-level subscriptions cost $5 per month, and the first 2 patterns you generate in any particular month are included. Maker Plus costs $8 per month, and subscribers get unlimited pattern creation.

Both levels mean you can change your mind about what sweater you're knitting as often as you like! In addition to discounted patterns, maker subscribers get access to a set of handy knitting calculators. These are useful for changes to your CustomFit patterns and lots of other projects you might be knitting. They include a gauge calculator, a stitch pick-up calculator, a button band spacer, a sleeve cap generator, and a shaping placer - and this set is being added to all the time. 

Once you create your pattern, it will be in your account forever and you can download it as a PDF as many times as you like. (Want to know what a pattern looks like? Here's a sample PDF!)

Still have a question?

Please see our resources for new knitters, our advanced design resources, and our help center