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CustomFit Fits, Explained

Want to know more about CustomFit's built-in fit choices, and what they'll mean for you? (The examples below all reference "hourglass fit" sweaters; however your sweater is actually shaped, it will give you the appearance of a moderate hourglass figure when worn.) 

Close Fit

Close fit sweaters are intended to be worn next to the skin, or over one thin layer. They should never feel tight, but neither should they offer enough room in the shoulder area for a thick layer. Generally speaking, close-fit sweater will have a little negative ease in the bust and hips for women, and a close-to-zero fit for men and children. 

Here are some examples: 


Average Fit

Average fit sweaters are a great place for most people to start. They'll offer enough room for a solid under-layer, and skim the body without clinging. Generally speaking, average fits will have zero-to-a-small-amount of positive ease in the bust and hips for women, and a bit of positive ease for men and children. 

Here are some examples: 


Relaxed Fit

Relaxed fit sweaters are great choices for when you'd like to wear your sweater as outerwear, or you're looking for a slightly more slouchy look. They'll accommodate a substantial underlayer and will be larger than your body everywere. Generally speaking, relaxed fits will have a few inches of positive ease for women and a bit more for men and children. 

Here are some examples: 


Oversized Fit

Oversized fit sweaters fit like relaxed-fit sweaters through the shoulders, but are substantially larger everywhere else. They make a good choice for when you'd really like for your sweater not to touch your torso!  Generally speaking, oversized fits have substantial positive ease everywhere. 

It's pretty touch to get the scope of what an oversized fit means in a still photo, but here's a montage of my friend Beth in her close-to-oversized** Verglas: 

an oversized fit within customfit  (**From CustomFit's basic oversized fit suggestions, Beth snugged up the arms and bust a little bit.)