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Sanderling is one of the designs I created for my spring 2016 make. wear. love. retreat in Pacific Grove, CA. At this retreat, I really focused on great sweaters of lots of different shapes - and when the inimitable Indigodragonfly sent me some gorgeous DK-weight linen-silk, I knew I had to turn it into an A-line garment. Later, when she brought some of her Mad Science Series yarn to play, I dove right in and immediately knit another sample out of her fingering weight Chameleon Sock.

Sanderling features elbow-length sleeves and a tunic sweater length, although you can change both before you create your pattern. Narrow bands of garter stitch trim all edges, and the A-line shape keeps things swingy and comfortable.

A-line garments in CustomFit will ensure at least a 6'' (12.5 cm) difference between sweater cast-on and bust/chest, though you can make that larger if you like by clicking "customize fit specifics" and altering the CO widths. All shaping occurs at the side seam, and can be worked however you like, as usual with edge shaping in CustomFit sweaters. For more information on your choices, please see my edge shaping tutorial.

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