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Glasswort is a leafless plant, whose textured, scale-like texture have always reminded me of twisted stitches. It grows primarily in salt marshes and tidal areas, having adapted to survive where few other plants can grow. This sweater features long twisted ribbing near the wrists, and twisted ribbing at the hem and collar. The comfortable fit, long sleeves, and wide crew neck make it perfect for cooler weather, while the twisted ribbing adds a hint of interest.

The Glasswort sweater is comfortable and easy to wear but extremely polished. It features a neckline between a crew neck and a boat neck. It’s wider and higher than most crew necklines but lower and more narrow than most boat necklines, which makes it less likely to slip down shoulders or expose bra straps if that’s not the look you’re aiming for.

I recommend using the full pattern PDF and working the sleeves from the top down if you are matching a gradient to the body of the sweater. That will let you make sure the colours match at the top of the sleeve, and you can cast off when you reach the end of the sleeve, even if the skein isn't completely used.

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