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Cushing Isle is $12.50.

Cushing Isle by Amy Herzog

Cushing Isle is a comfortable, relaxed sweater with a touch of elegance. It was created specifically for Clara Parkes' limited edition Cormo 1.0, an incredibly comfortable and fantastic sweater yarn, but its comfortable, slouchy style will work in a variety of materials.

When Clara's special yarn arrived at my house, I knew I wanted to make a sweater out of it that begged to be worn. Not one of those sweaters that you finish and admire for its intricacy and detail, but instead one that you wear every day - for its blend of perfect fit, comfort, and style. I used a Cabled Check pattern on the straight fronts of this sweater, to break up the variegation in the yarn a bit and add some interest. Classic, comfortable 2x2 ribbing trims all of the edges.

Please note: This cardigan contains waist shaping on the back of the sweater only; the fronts are worked straight to the armholes. This may cause your CustomFit pattern to have a larger waist than usual; this is intended, and produces the slightly slouchy look of the sweater.

Cushing Isle is an hourglass design, so your final pattern will have waist and bust shaping. You can only use complete measurement sets to create this pattern.

Cushing Isle uses the following design choices:

  • Style: cardigan
  • Silhouette: Hourglass silhouette
  • Length: Low-hip length
  • Sleeves: Full-length tapered sleeve
  • Neck style: Average-width vee neck
  • Neck depth: 3"/7.5 cm below armhole-shaping start
  • Finishing:
    • Hem edging and height: 2x2 Ribbing, 2"/5 cm
    • Sleeve edging and height: 2x2 Ribbing, 2"/5 cm
    • Button band allowance: 1½"/4 cm
    • Button band edging and height: 2x2 Ribbing, 1½"/4 cm

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