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Alight is inspired by, and designed for, my best friend Beth. Among the many things I love about her, Beth is one of the strongest women I know. Sure of herself and confident, she meets challenges head-on and with no mincing around. For her birthday, I wanted to design a sweater that properly captured her bold personality and elegant, clean style.

For stability with this worn-open style, I recommend working Alight in pieces from the bottom up and then seaming. Unlike the originally published pattern, the seed stitch front bands are picked up and worked perpendicularly to the fronts. The neckline is then picked up and worked, with decreases forming the mandarin collar shape.

Due to the 17-stitch count of the Candle Flames panel, I recommend working Alight in a yarn between a heavy sport and a light worsted weight, so that the panels will neither interfere with waist shaping nor appear very narrow on the fronts.

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