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Gallery of Awesome
(actual knitters in their customfit sweaters)

Designed by the Knitter

sherria looking awesome in CustomFit

Sherri's Custom Design

If I had to pick the one thing I like best about this sweater, it would be that this is the very first sweater I've made that I don't have to tug at all day long. I put it on, and because it fits me - everywhere - it stays right where it should, whether I'm sitting, standing, or walking around.
nancy looking awesome in CustomFit

Nancy's Custom Design

Simply amazing! It couldn’t fit me any better. I am just so happy with Custom Fit.
onkuri looking awesome in CustomFit

Onkuri's Custom Design

(All of Onkuri's sweaters are 100% amazing. --Amy)
Lizarrow looking awesome in CustomFit

Lizarrow's Custom Design

I am in love with this sweater! My favorite thing about knitting this (beside the awesome end result!) is that I didn't have to stop and figure out modifications along the way or before I dove into the knitting. It practically knit itself and the fit couldn't be better!
Cynder looking awesome in CustomFit

Cynder's Custom Design

(Look at Cynder's ultra-fabulous Snapdragon!)
KellyInTexas looking awesome in CustomFit

KellyInTexas's Custom Design

This is by far the best fitting sweater I’ve ever knit. It’s such a joy to put on, because everything stays where it is supposed to.
kmcgraw looking awesome in CustomFit

Kate's Custom Design

My CustomFit sweater is a joy to wear, both flattering and comfortable! CustomFit is inspiring me to knit more quickly so I can have more beautiful "just for me" clothes.
LibertyJBE looking awesome in CustomFit

Jessica's Custom Design

My Custom Fit sweater is the one I reach for over an over. It fits me more perfectly than any other sweater I made before using this glorious program.
Dutchjacky looking awesome in CustomFit

Jacky's Custom Design

(Check out Jacky's amazing CustomFit Acorn Trail! --Amy)
Gemzones looking awesome in CustomFit

Georgette's Custom Design

I love Custom Fit! Finally, I feel like the sweater fits ME. Now that I use Custom Fit, I don't even bother trying it on, I just knit, block and wear and it fits perfectly!
fxhunter looking awesome in CustomFit

Fiona's Custom Design

CustomFit: classic, comfortable and contagious! More hours in the day are needed to let me knit everything I would like to - without the headache of math.
SaraJWolf looking awesome in CustomFit

Sara's Custom Design

An absolutely perfect fit for ME! (You won't believe the number of compliments I've gotten on this sweater.)