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Dot Texture (Multiple of 4 stitches):

Row 1: *Knit 2, RT, repeat from * to end.

Rows 2 - 6: Work in Stockinette.

Row 7: *RT, knit 2; repeat from * to end.

Rows 8 - 12: Work in Stockinette.

RT = Right Twist: Slip 1 st to cable needle and hold to back; k 1, k 1 from cable needle.

Repeat Rows 1-12 for pattern. If working over a multiple of 4 stitches, plus 2, add one stitch of Stockinette Selvedge to the beginning and end of each row.

Dot Texture fabric

About Dot Texture: A light texture pattern.

Chart for Dot Texture

stitch chart image