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Yawl is part of my "CustomFit Basics" collection - a set of classic garments with simple trims, designed to work in a wide variety of yarns, constructions, silhouettes, and fits. Yawl is a riff on a classic kimono-styled sleeves: It features thick garter trims on all edgings, and roomier straight sleeves. The 3/4 length shown here reduces the volume of the sleeve a bit; at longer lengths, they almost appear belled.

I've closed the cardigan with a single large, statement button - the overlapping this produces in the neckline trim adds to the kimono styling with set-in or drop-shoulder sleeves. Keep this look by using a fabric that's on the sturdier side, like I've done - or change it up completely with a fabric that has a lot of drape.

I'm shown here wearing an hourglass average fit with set-in sleeves and full hourglass shaping, but Yawl is also available in drop-shoulder construction and all other silhouettes and fits.

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