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Worn-open Cardigan by Amy Herzog

This low-hip length, ¾-sleeve cardigan is trimmed in seed stitch and meant to be worn open. The fronts form a lovely vertical panel that lengthens and narrows the torso; the edges of the cardigan intentionally leave a small gap.

Worn-open Cardigan is an hourglass design, so your final pattern will have waist and bust shaping. You can only use complete measurement sets to create this pattern.

Worn-open Cardigan uses the following design choices:

  • Style: cardigan
  • Silhouette: Hourglass silhouette
  • Length: Low-hip length
  • Sleeves: Three-quarter-length tapered sleeve
  • Neck style: Average-width vee neck
  • Finishing:
    • Hem edging and height: 1x1 Ribbing, ½"/1.5 cm
    • Sleeve edging and height: Seed Stitch, 1½"/4 cm
    • Button band allowance: 2"/5 cm
    • Button band edging and height: Seed Stitch, 2"/5 cm

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