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Turks and Caicos is $12.50.

Turks and Caicos by Amy Herzog

Mrs. Crosby loves to play, and the more exotic the location the better. This sweet transitional sweater will keep you comfortable anywhere in the world, from the Mediterranean to lovely Turks & Caicos. The peek-a-boo lace panel at the bust is interesting without baring a lot of skin, and offers a fun change for the knitter as well. Simple Garter stitch trim ensures that all eyes are on the knitter and the yarn, rather than the sweater design (which is as it should be).

Turks and Caicos is an hourglass design, so your final pattern will have waist and bust shaping. You can only use complete measurement sets to create this pattern.

Turks and Caicos uses the following design choices:

  • Style: pullover
  • Silhouette: Hourglass silhouette
  • Length: Medium-hip length
  • Sleeves: Three-quarter-length tapered sleeve
  • Neck style: Wide turks and caicos neck
  • Neck depth: ½"/1.5 cm above armhole-shaping start
  • Finishing:
    • Hem edging and height: Garter Stitch, ¾"/2 cm
    • Sleeve edging and height: Garter Stitch, ½"/1.5 cm
    • Neck edging and height: Garter Stitch, ½"/1 cm

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