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Triangled actually started out life when I decided to knit myself a copy of my "Squared" cardigan design, from my first book "Knit to Flatter". Except, I don't like square necks, so I changed it to a V. And then I decided to make it a little longer. And then added long sleeves. And then, with a cabled check button band and neck trim instead of rolled stockinette. Pretty soon, my version - which I adore, and wear regularly years later - looked nothing like the original. I nicknamed it "Triangled", a riff on Squared's neckline-focused name.

Fast-forward, and Triangled is one of the most-loved samples in my infamous sweater sample suitcase. Now, thanks to CustomFit, you can make your own.

Triangled is designed with an average sweater length, tapered long sleeves, and an average-width, deep V neckline. All edges are trimmed with the cabled check pattern, and I'm wearing it with an hourglass relaxed fit in these photos. I think it looks great in a subtly-shaded yarn like the Socks that Rock Heavyweight I used here, but the pattern is adaptable and looks great in yarn of all types and sizes.

You can make your own Triangled in any of CustomFit's constructions, silhouettes, lengths, and fits.

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