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Oak Knoll is $12.50.

Oak Knoll by Amy Herzog

Oak Knoll was a featured retreat design at my 2016 make. wear. love. west coast retreat, worked up in two of our wonderful vendor A Verb for Keeping Warm's yarns. It's a nice design for the breezy California coast, or anywhere with a warmer season: Vests provide a great layer when you only need a touch of extra warmth, and the vest's trim has an easy wear-it-open, wear-it-closed style. Armholes and the vest front are trimmed with rolled reverse stockinette stitch, and the button band is finished with a small amount of 1x1 ribbing to keep the edge from rolling.

To keep with the casual nature of this cardigan, waist shaping is worked on the back of the vest only. The fronts will measure the maximum of your bust, waist, and hip and continue straight from hem to armhole.

Oak Knoll is an hourglass design, so your final pattern will have waist and bust shaping. You can only use complete measurement sets to create this pattern.

Oak Knoll uses the following design choices:

  • Style: cardigan
  • Silhouette: Hourglass silhouette
  • Length: Low-hip length
  • Neck style: Narrow-width vee neck
  • Neck depth: 1"/2.5 cm below armhole-shaping start
  • Finishing:
    • Hem edging and height: 1x1 Ribbing, ¾"/2 cm
    • Armhole edging and height: Reverse Stockinette, ½"/1.5 cm
    • Button band allowance: 2½"/6.5 cm
    • Button band edging and height: Reverse Stockinette, 4"/10 cm

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