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A classic casual drop-shoulder pullover, using classic gansey-style patterning: a mix of ribs and garter ridges.

Style it with jeans for comfy weekend wear, throw it over your pjs for relaxing at home on a chilly winter evening. In the photographs, it’s worn with an average fit for a tidy – almost tailored – styling. For a more traditional or casual looks, choose a relaxed or even oversized fit.

NOTES ON THE INSTRUCTIONS: Depending on your gauge and stitch counts, the instructions for the pattern-stitch changes might seem more complicated than they really are.

The Double Garter pattern is used at hem of the Back and Fronts, and it's worked for a short distance immediately below the armhole shaping.

Start the Fleetwood Rib pattern on the first row of the Armhole shaping for both Back and Front, and change back to Double Garter Stitch on the first row of the Neckline Shaping. The Double Garter pattern is also worked at the top of the Sleeve.

When working the neckline shaping in the Double Garter pattern, you have a choice. Using the standard neckline shaping instructions as written creates smooth lines and a clean edge for picking up the neckline stitches.

If you prefer, you can work the decreases in pattern - that is, knitwise on knit rows, and purlwise on purl rows. It looks a little tidier in the finished result, but the difference is minor. If you do it this way, slope the knitwise decreases away from the neck edge on knit rows, using k2tog or ssk as required; on purl rows, just work p2tog - directional purlwise decreases are fussy and the difference is very minor.

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