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Clipper is the make. wear. love. fall 2017 retreat design for the ever-fantastic Indigodragonfly. Kim is an incredibly inspiring friend to have, and this cardigan gives a nod to her love of asymmetry - the short-row detailing on the sleeve cuff and button band are asymmetrical.

Its worked up in DK Matter in special retreat colorway "Hand of the Herzog" with "Tapenod" as a CC. It features garter stitch trims, a deep V-neckline, and I've shown it here in an A-line silhouette. The sleeves are both worked alike, which causes the curved contrast-color piece of the cuff to be on the front of one sleeve, and on the back of the other.

The button band is also worked in an unusual way, in two pieces with overlap at the back neckline. Only the Right Front neck piece is worked with CC wedges; the Left Front is worked entirely in MC. If you'd prefer a more sedate cardigan, you can definitely eliminate the CC (or even the short rows!) entirely.

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