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I designed the Casco Bay for my final make. wear. love. fall sweater retreat collection in 2019. Each retreat, I make a mini-collection of sweaters in yarns from our vendors, loosely focused around a theme. This year, the theme was ‘cozy’: I wanted to create snuggle-worthy sweaters that would slip into our lives like a dream. I worked this longer-length drop-shoulder sweater in a shadow rib that breaks up the color changes, with a deep V neck and simple rib trim.

While this garment is pictured in a straight silhouette with drop shoulder construction (and a relaxed fit), you may knit it in other silhouettes and a set-in sleeve construction if you prefer.

You may seam the sweater pieces together with either the RS or the WS of the work facing out, depending on which look you prefer in your specific yarn. The sample shown was assembled with the WS facing out.

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