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CustomFit creates patterns for your gauge and size, instead of forcing you to match some mythical "average" knitter. You can buy patterns one at a time, or subscribe to the site to get a certain number of patterns each month. Subscribers also get access to the handy calculators below. Want to know more? Click here to learn about becoming a CustomFit Maker.

Handy Calculators

  • Shaping placer. Provide starting and ending stitch counts, a total number of rows, and the number of stitches added or removed on each shaping row. Calculator evenly spaces shaping.
  • Buttonhole spacer. Provide the number of stitches in your button band, the number of buttons, and the number of stitches each buttonhole uses. Calculator evenly spaces buttons.
  • Sleeve cap generator. Create sleeve cap instructions for a set-in sleeve garment unique to your gauge and body. Instructions are within the calculator.
  • Pickup calculator. Provide stitch gauge, row gauge, and number of rows along a vertical edge. Calculator gives a total number of stitches to pick up, and a ratio by which to pick up.
  • Gauge calculator. Provide any two of: gauge, length, stitch or row count, and get back the third. More detail within the calculator.