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I grew up on the water with my grandpa and uncles, and will go out on any kind of boat, any time. But if I get to choose, there’s no lovelier place in the world than Seguin Island on a brisk summer day. Located offshore in Midcoast Maine, Seguin is home to Maine’s tallest active light station and can be visited either by ferry/charter, or by twisting the arm of one’s nearest uncle, depending. Even in summertime, the waters off the coast of Maine can be chilly - so a sweater is always advised.

This kicky pullover is simple to knit but engaging too, thanks to the thin stripes that adorn the sweater’s body. A simple scoop neck, 1x1 ribbed trim, and contrast-color hem and sleeve cuffs complete a look that’s unfussy and timeless. I thoroughly recommend it for all boating excursions and any time the air warrants just a bit of warmth.

Seguin will look great in any gauge, but please note that you'll need two different colors! Of your total yarn quantity, about 1/3 of it should be in the CC.

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