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Not sure how to get started? For your first CustomFit sweater, we recommend keeping things super simple. 

  1. Choose your yarn first. Make sure you've gotten a good sweater fabric - check out this video to learn what that means! - and that you're happy with your yarn. You'll be knitting a lot of it! 
  2. Choose a design from CustomFit's already-ready options. Start with one of the (many!) patterns already built into CustomFit, and knit your first CustomFit sweater as written - save the "tricking out" for later sweaters!
  3. Get a good set of basic measurements. Check out our measurement videos to learn how to take the Essentials (and maybe Extras) measurements you need for the sweater you've selected, or visit one of our great yarn stores.  They're pretty easy to take!

For more information on abbreviations and other basic sweater topics, see the links below. Looking for some more advanced design information? Click here! 

How-to Guides