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Ready for a bit more of a challenge? Here are some resources to help you get the sweater of your dreams. 


Not sure how deep to make your neckline? Here are some typical neck depths for the various kinds of necklines:

Want to make a neckline, and aren't sure how? Here are some common ones: 

Button Bands

Within the custom sweater wizard, the button band allowance and button band trim height are different, to allow for different configurations of sweater. This lets you create cardigans that meet in the middle, that overlap, that have a small gap but long trims that get rolled over, etc. 

Here's the nitty-gritty:

So if you want: 

Adding stitch patterns

Right now, CustomFit assumes you're knitting the whole sweater in the same stitch you used to create your swatch - so all of your pattern numbers are based on a single gauge.

Straight sweaters include no waist shaping, so they're a great place to make an all-over patterned sweater. Swatch in an allover pattern, enter gauge information from that patterned swatch, and go!

Hourglass sweaters will include waist shaping, making all-over patterning a bit more of a challenge. (Shaping instructions are written using ssk/k2tog for decreases and m1R/m1L for increases, without respect to stitch repeat counts.) If you're comfortable shaping in pattern and working patterning overpartial repeats, go for it.  

But even if you're not, you can add some stitch patterning! I recommend doing so in one of two ways:

And when you're adding panels of stitch patterning to your sweater, here's the scoop on gauge:   


If you'd like to make one of Amy's designs that are not currently available in the site, please click here to see our CustomFit Mash-Up worksheets. (Want to know what designs are available in the site? Click here!)